Daily Notices – 22nd October 2014

Daily Notices – 22102014

Marlborough News – 17th October 2014

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Marlborough News – No22 – 17th October 2014

Daily Notices – 17th October 2014

Daily Notices – 17102014

Daily Notices – 10th October 2014

Daily Notices – 10102014

Daily Notices – 8th October 2014

Daily Notices – 08102014

Marlborough News – 3rd October 2014

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Marlborough News Issue 21 – 3rd October 2014


Year 7, PGL Trip – Sunday 5th October 2014

Good morning from a bright but chilly PGL.

All the students had a great time last night playing some very energetic team games, including Splash, which involved water bombs being launched from a first story window! Then they collapsed for a quiet night into their bunk beds.

This morning there is more raft building, zip wire and trapeze.
Down on one of the Zip Wires, the Badgers were treated to a visit by the PGL cat, Pepper.

We are planning to be on our way home by 1pm, hopefully back at school by 5pm at the latest, traffic permitting.

Everyone has had an amazing time; friendships have been forged; fears conquered by many and teamwork has been the key to the success of the weekend.

So this is a final goodbye from all of the tired but very happy campers at PGL. See you back at school.





Year 7, PGL Trip – Saturday 4th October 2014

This afternoon the sun is shining up here at PGL-a very different story from this morning. We awoke to pouring rain and waterproofs were an essential item of clothing. Some of us were soaked before we even reached the raft building!

Anteaters, Badgers, Caterpillars and Dragons produced some fantastic rafts and battle commenced out on the lake!

This afternoon there is more raft building, abseiling and archery. Everyone is looking forward to a visit to the shop followed by curry for dinner.

We had a surprise visitor this morning (of the grey, furry tailed variety), when a cheeky squirrel ventured into one of the rooms to say hello. He left immediately!

We are all having an amazing weekend.

Kind regards from all of us at PGL.



Year 7, PGL Trip – Friday 3rd October 2014

All arrived safely at PGL, although poor Coach 3 got stuck on the M6 and was slightly later in arriving!

Off to activities for the afternoon, including the Puzzle Park, Giant Swing, Abseiling and Archery.

Watch this space for further updates!


Daily Notices – 1st October 2014

Daily Notices – 01102014