Marlborough News – 4th April 2014

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Marlborough News Edition 13 – 4th April 2014

Easter Revision Timetables 2014 for years 10 and 11

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Yr 10 Easter Revision Timetable 2014

Yr 11 Easter Revision Timetable 2014

Daily Notices – 4th April 2014

Daily Notices – 04042014

Daily Notices – 3rd April 2014

Daily Notices – 03042014

Daily Notices – 2nd April 2014

Daily Notices – 02042014

Daily Notices – 1st April 2014

Daily Notices – 01042014

Daily Notices – 28th March 2014

Daily Notices – 28032014

Daily Notices – 27th March 2014

Daily Notices – 27032014


Ofsted Inspection – 27th and 28th March 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

Ofsted Logo

Ofsted Logo

We have been informed today that we are going to be inspected by Ofsted tomorrow 27th March and Friday 28th March.

There will be a team of 5 inspectors in school led by Jalil Shaikh and it will be a real opportunity for the school to shine, as there is so much to celebrate and we are looking forward to it.

As parents we would be delighted if you would take time to complete the following Ofsted questionnaire (click here) and I have also attached the Ofsted information leaflet (please click here for parent letter and click here for the parents Ofsted guide) so you can read about how the inspection is completed.

Many thanks for your support with the above, as always, I know your children will do us proud and I look forward to letting you know how we get on in the next few weeks.

Thank you,
Annie Thomson, Headteacher

Daily Notices – 25th March 2014

Daily Notices – 25032014